Led by: John Stackhouse Jr. 
Professor of Theology and Culture, Regent College

Everyday we make thousands of decisions, both big and small.  From electing a politician to purchasing jeans, making up our mind is a daily necessity.  But how should God’s people approach such a task?  How do we cultivate a properly-functioning Christian mind? 

In this seminar John Stackhouse surveys the contemporary intellectual landscape and then offers Christians a basic, “portable” guide to thinking responsibly and thoroughly about everything in life: from art to bioethics, from globalization to groceries, and from picking out a DVD to electing a politician. You won’t want to miss it!

John Stackhouse Jr. is a professor of Theology and Culture at Regent College.  He is a leading interpreter of Christianity, and has lectured on contemporary Christianity all over the world.  See what he's been up to here: 

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