About Our Library

Our church library is located off the foyer through the doors to the left of the coffee bar. Please check out any books you wish to borrow and return them in 2-3 weeks.

Check Out Procedure:
1. Put your name, date, & phone number on the card located inside the book's front cover (please write clearly!)
2. Put the card in the small plastic tray labelled "Library Cards"
3. Please return books in 2-3 weeks
4. Put returned books into the tray labelled "Book Return"

Book Donations:
Please call 604-922-2999 if you wish to donate books to our library. Please do not drop off books without prior authorization. 


A Good Read for the Holidays...for both Men and Women!

John Eldredge has had a mission for men both indoors and in the outdoors. In the following books he cuts straight to the heart. With characteristic insight and wit, he explains how the renewed heart is at the center of the Christian faith. He also explores how Christian practices, such as discipleship, revitalize our hearts by empowering us to love God more passionately and to live for the hearts of others. 

Do you dare to be the man God created you to be---passionate, adventurous and free? In all these books Eldredge looks at Christian manhood and challenges you to pursue the purpose God has given you. Encouragement for every man who wants to walk the road least taken---and insights for the woman who loves him!