Women's Ministry

Women's Retreat

Ignite 2019!  Come to Me: An Invitation to Prayer.  "Be still and know that I am God"  Psalm 46:10

Our annual Women’s Retreat will be held April 12-14th at Stillwood Camp near Cultus Lake.  The retreat is a great opportunity to step out of our routine, to grow in Christ, to connect with other women from our church and to have fun!  This year's theme will focus on deeping our prayer life.  Kirsten Rumary and Mardi Dolfo-Smith will be our session speakers with workshops offered by Cathy Leyland, Brenda Smit and Anne Thicke.   Cost is $180; $140 for students; scholarships are available.  If possible, please register before spring break begins (March 18).  We would love you to join us!

*** Please see below for the weekend itinerary*** (scroll to bottom of this webpage).
Registration is now closed. 

Weekly Women's Ministry

Our Spring study will begin April 3rd.  Please join us for an inductive study of Philippians "That I May Know Him" by Kay Arthur.

Cost is $10.  As always, we meet from 9:30-11:15am!  


We are a growing women's community, where women from all walks of life are connecting and spiritually growing together.

On Wednesday mornings women of all ages come together in order to:
- study the Bible
- encourage and support one another
- grow by praying together
- celebrate the God-given uniqueness of being a woman

The schedule of Wednesday mornings follows:
- 9:00-9:15        Prayer time (open to anyone who wants to pray) (Sanctuary)
- 9:15-9:25        Coffee & time to connect (Foyer)
- 9:30-9:45        Large Group Session (worship, announcements, prayer) (Sanctuary)
- 9:45-11:15      Small Group Studies

If you have a question or a need regarding this ministry contact our team at [email protected]

Our Women's Ministry Leadership Team:
Lisa Kelso
Mary-Louise Sawyer
Wendy Timm
Wendy Wray