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NSAC "Takin’ It to the Streets

Many congregants have pitched in this week to carry on the mission of Jesus to our city’s most vulnerable in the face of COVID-19.  As a result of your generous gifts of time and money, NSAC has been takin’ it to the streets!  Some, due to health concerns of their own, took to the phones to contact shut-ins, pray for people, and collect grocery lists.  Others braved the stores, purchased groceries, drove around town to deliver them, blessed and prayed for people outside their homes.  All at a safe social distance.  

COVID-19 has put added strain on our local mental health care workers.  So, our people stepped in to do the shopping and deliver a week’s worth of groceries to each of the North Shore’s Group Homes.

Here are some highlights from some of our volunteers:

“We visited out front of her place and read a couple of passages and listened to her fears and requests for prayer.  God blessed us in such a huge way as we prayed for her and for our city.  She so appreciated the food cards and her beautiful smile warmed our hearts.  We also showed her how to listen to church this Sunday.”

"I picked him up about a week's supply of groceries.  I brought them down to the door and he thanked me for the groceries.  We prayed before I left, a prayer for continued healing and protection from the current health threat."

"Groceries delivered.  She was doing a happy dance.  So, so sweet!”