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Thank you so much for serving this year's North Shore Community Christmas Dinner! We have a number of different volunteer opportunities available. 

**Please note that some volunteer opportunities will take place at Carson Graham Secondary School on December 16th, and some opportunities will take place on other days and in other locations.**


Kitchen Helpers: 

  • Food Prep Team 1**: December 15th, 4pm - 8pm, 6 volunteers needed (**Some kitchen skills required)
  • Food Prep Team 2: 9am - 1pm, 10 volunteers needed
  • Salad Team: 3pm - 5pm, 6 volunteers needed
  • Dessert Team: 5pm - 7pm, 4 volunteers needed
  • Drinks Team: 3pm - 7pm, 4 volunteers needed
  • Plating Team: 5pm - 7pm, 22 volunteers needed

Hospitality Team:

  • Serving Team**: 4pm-7:30pm, 20 volunteers needed (**Must be 16y/o+ with some customer service experience)
  • Pre-Dinner Reception Hosts/Hostesses**:  2pm-5pm, 4 volunteers needed (**Must be 16y/o+ with some customer service experience)

Dishwash Teams:

  • Pre-Wash: December 14th, 6pm-9pm @ NSAC, 3 volunteers needed
  • Team 1: 2pm - 4pm @ Carson, 3 volunteers needed
  • Team 2: 4pm-6pm @ Carson, 3 volunteers needed
  • Team 3: 6pm - 8pm @ Carson, 3 volunteers needed
  • Team 4: 6:30pm - 9:30pm @ NSAC, 2 volunteers needed

Team task descriptions and assignments provided upon registration. 


  • Security Team 1: 3pm - 7pm, 3 volunteers needed
  • Security Team 2: 4pm - 8pm, 3 volunteers needed
  • Job Includes: Patrolling indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure safety of event goers and volunteers. Keeping people in the correct areas and helping with crowd control. Giving directions to washrooms and various event areas. Helping attendees into and out of the event. Handling various situations that may arise.

Set Up/Decor Team:

Setting up the decor, tables, chairs, lights, and entertainment space at Carson Graham Secondary School.

Team 1: Friday, December 1st. 
Team 1 needs to be at Carson Graham by 3:00pm to help string lights and decor in advance in preparation for the Christmas Dinner! Shift will be from 3pm to 6pm.

4 volunteers are needed for this role.
Team 2: Saturday, December 16th. 
Team 2 needs to be at Carson Graham by 9:00am. Set up shift will be from 9am to 11:30am. 

50 volunteers are needed for this role.

Sound Tech Set Up

Assisting our main sound tech: Help load the truck with sound equipment and transport to Carson Graham. Assist with setting up speakers, equipment, sound board, etc.

  • Saturday December 16th, 8am-11am
  • Meet at North Shore Alliance Church.

Clean Up Crew:

Clean Up Crew: 
Helping tear down everything at the end of the day at Carson Graham Secondary School. Clean up will take place from 7pm to 9pm.
50 volunteers are needed for this role.

Light/Decor Takedown Team: 
Helping takedown the Christmas lights and remaining decor left at Carson Graham Secondary School.Takedown will take place from 2pm to 5pm on Friday, December 22nd.

4 volunteers are needed for this role.

Cookie Baking Team

Cookie baking will be preparing homemade cookies (NO nuts or peanut-butter please!) to go home with each guest. Each baker will be asked to make 4 dozen at their home. Please have your cookies prepared and delivered to the church before Wednesday, December 13th at 5:00pm!

We are in need of 50 bakers!


Thanks for volunteering! We look forward to serving our community with all of you.