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We're going to laserdome!!!

Date: Saturday, October 30th
Time: 7pm & 8pm (please arrive ten minutes early!)
Location: Laserdome+ (2455 Dollarton Highway, North Van, V7H 0A2)
Cost: $17.80
Pickup: ~ 1hr 15min after designated timeslot at laserdome

There are two time slots. Please sign up for one or the other (7 or 8pm). Make sure to sign up for the same time slot as your friends! There are 25 spots max for each slot. 

The cost is $17.80 paid directly to laserdome NOT us. Cost includes 4 games and one pop! 

Dress up, but make sure a vest can fit over your costume!

Pickup will be at Laserdome! Please come for approximately 1hr 15min after your child's designated time slot (8:15pm & 9:15pm)

For more information, please email Megan: