Although Cuba, like all the rest of the world, has been affected by the Covid pandemic with restrictions in travel across the country and with public meetings being shut down, the Cuban Alliance Women's Ministry has not "shut down".  Things have not been as restricted in the Central and Eastern Regions of Cuba because those are less populated areas and cities.  Western Cuba, where Havana is located, has been the most affected by the pandemic. Even so, you can see by the pictures that the women have kept meeting, and planning and teaching across Cuba.  Last year, because of some conflict within the national Cuban Alliance, some of the women's ministry leaders across the island have been affected--several of them leaving the women's ministry.  This has mostly affected the Western Region so that Leslie (Lili) the main national leader of the Women's Ministry has had to take over the leadership of that Region along with her other responsibilities nationally.


Because of continued financial support from the Alliance in Canada the Women's Ministry has been able to finance various ministries and training for women in Cuba.


For Lili, as she needs to find new women's leaders across the island to take the place of those who have stepped down.  Right now, a young lady in her church, Maidelis, is working alongside Lili as a leader for the Women's Ministry in the Western Region.
The Cuban Alliance Women's Ministry is very much in need of doing a re-print of our core training/discipleship course for women in the churches, Developing a Discerning Heart.  At present, because of the extreme economic crisis in Cuba, there is no paper available for printing anything--not even the Cuban government has printing paper for anything but their propaganda (newspapers, etc.).  None of their contacts for printing in Cuba have paper.  They would like to print 500 copies of this manual.  This course has been transformational in the lives of many of their Alliance women, both women in ministry and laywomen.
Once they have more copies of the Discerning Heart manual printed, they can begin to train women leaders from other denominations who are anxious to use this material with women in their churches.
The Cuban Alliance Women's Ministry needs to raise enough funds to cover the printing of the Discerning Heart manual once Cuba gets printing paper.  Printing in Cuba used to be quite economical--in their first printing of 500 copies (about 6 years ago) each manual cost only about CAD$3.00 each.  They have no idea what the new cost will be with the scarcity of paper--and maybe of printer ink too.
Pray for Gaileen's continued adjustment to retirement.  She's realized that she is still emotionally quite tied to her dear friends in Cuba.