Local worker serving with Journey Canada

Kirsten Rumary grew up in Southern Alberta, and moved to Vancouver in 2000. Her life has been profoundly changed by her relationship with Jesus. She is the Program Resource Coordinator for the Christian organization Journey Canada (www.journeycanada.org). In her role, she assists with the development of leadership and programs across the country, as well as supervises the national and international internship programs. Kirsten has also received training in the practice of spiritual direction, and works as a spiritual director in her spare time. Before working in Christian ministry, Kirsten was a hairstylist by trade.  She confesses to being an incurable hair-product junky.


Fall 2021 Update:

"Over the course of the last year (since the Fall of 2020), the mission and ministry of Journey Canada has continued despite the ongoing realities of covid-19 restrictions we have all faced. Technology has enabled Journey programs and events in Canada and around the globe to continue. We are seeing the "silver lining" of these new modes of delivery, and the ability to connect with people who might not have had access to in-person-only programs and events up until now. Looking ahead, we're considering whether to incorporate ongoing on-line offerings as a regular part of what we do. Although, we are still hopeful for the opportunity and option to gather in person whenever and wherever able! 

I had the privilege of facilitating a small group in the on-line Journey Discipleship Course in Vancouver. One of the women in my group shared this story of her experience. It was so encouraging for me to hear! I hope it also encourages you: 

'When a friend first suggested I take the Journey Discipleship Course with her, my initial answer was “no” and I made many excuses why I shouldn’t do it. I was later moved by the Spirit to sign up and take that leap of faith. I didn’t know what to expect and what I would gain from the experience, especially not knowing anyone who had taken the course before. At the time, I was also going through a series of family crises so I was hoping to find help to deal with those pressing issues.

Participating in the program did not fix or alleviate those problems for me. Instead, through Journey, God gently revealed to me other areas in my life that needed His touch and forgiveness. I learned how to pray to Him in different ways than before, and how to listen and wait patiently for His response. This has deepened my relationship with the Lord as I feel His presence more and His unconditional love for me. Journey also provided me with greater insight to better understand not just my own struggles, but others as well. The program has taught me how to pray and support others with more empathy and understanding.'

This story is a great example of Journey accomplishing its mission: to give people a safe and spiritually supportive place to help them get in touch with their hearts and emotions and integrate their beliefs with their feelings and experiences. Journey creates time and space for people to look to God and invite Jesus into their lives through prayer. For many, the result is healing for the past, a sense of freedom from old habits and, most important, a renewed sense of walking with Jesus.

Throughout this past year, Journey Canada has remained hopeful as an organization. We believe God is and will continue to bring about something good in this time. We are also grateful for North Shore Alliance's continued partnership, and all the ways this community continues to stand with us. "

- Kirsten