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There are 3 ways to participate in NSAC Sunday Services

1.) Live Stream Our Services at 9am and 11am at

When a service is streaming, you can also click on the "watch now" link at the top of our home page. Join the live chat and say hello!  It's a great way to connect with one another while watching the service at home.

Shortly after the 11am service ends, the video recording will be available to watch on the Sermons page of our website.

2.) Sunday Services via Zoom at 11am

“Attend” church together through Zoom! This service will be hosted live by one of our pastors or lay leaders. Together the group will pray, worship, listen to the sermon and engage in a short discussion. Please sign in a few minutes before the service starts!

Join Zoom Service:

Meeting ID: 864 9061 4419

Phone: 778-907-2071

3.) Register to Attend in Person at 9am / 11am / 7pm

We are offering two live services on Sunday mornings in the church sanctuary (50 people maximum including worship team and pastors). Children's ministry for 2 years and up will simultaneously be offered in the lower area.

This September we added an evening service at 7pm to provide another opportunity for our church family to meet together "live" and connect through prayer and conversation. This service has pre-recorded worship and sermon, and is hosted live by a pastor.

*New Sunday Service Registration Page*

We have updated our registration process so you can now register for Sunday services right from our website.  Please go to for more information.