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NSAC 40 Days of Prayer Sunday, January 29 - Thursday, March 8, 2012

We are excited to announce that our church is again embarking on a 40 Day journey of prayer. This year our focus is on praying for our neighbours and the nations.  Beginning Sunday, January 29 and concluding Thursday, March 8, we are inviting individuals and Home Groups alike to participate. We want to take 40 days to place a special emphasis on individual and corporate prayer.  There are 3 main ways for you to participate:

1) Worship & Prayer Gatherings - Thursday's 7pm, Feb. 2 - March 8.

These will be evenings of free-flowing worship and corporate prayer with opportunity to receive prayer ministry for healing, spiritual hunger, and any other need.

2) Prayer Room 1 Hour Online Sign Up

Throughout the 40 Days of Prayer, we are opening up a Prayer Room in the lower level of the church.  We will be inviting people to sign up online on our website for a 1 hour time slot (or more) in the Prayer Room Sun.-Fri. 9am-9pm each week beginning Sunday, January 29 and finishing Thursday, March 8.  We want to invite people to the Prayer Room to seek God for themselves, for our church, and specifically for our neighbours and nations.  

There will be prayer exercise stations in the room, including worship music, a journal to record prayers, and suggested scriptures, to help prompt us to pray and to help us share the experience of this 40 day journey.  Our hope is that this room will serve as a kind of sanctuary for us, a place to get away and be with God.  People are invited to come alone or to bring someone with them.  

We are asking people to sign up for the hour they plan to come to see as many as hours covered in prayer as possible and to avoid people hoping to use the room at the same time. Each evening there will be a host to encourage, welcome, and intercede for those coming to use the prayer room.

 Click here to Sign up  

3) Personal Prayer Journey Guide

There will be a daily prayer guide available for you to purchase for $3 after each of the services on Sunday, Jan 29th. This 30 Day guide will provide both suggestions and encouragement for your own time with God.  By starting on Jan 29th and then using the guide Monday - Friday, you will complete it within our 40 Day journey.

***We will not be cancelling any of our usual ministries for the 40 days, but instead would like to see these 3 opportunities and this emphasis on prayer be incorporated into our normal week to week life as a church.