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Ronnie Scott has been attending North Shore Alliance Church since he and his family moved to Canada in 2006. A Christian since 1995, he is currently one of the Elders on the board at NSAC. The following is a “Psalm” he wrote while on a spiritual retreat last year and is a reflection of his testimony.

God, you called me out of darkness
You sought me in my wilderness
You rescued me from myself
And paid the price to buy my soul
Even after I've run away
You've always led me home

I was downcast and lost
Bitter and angry
But like a parent, you lifted my head
Made me look to the sky
And in rain you brought the sun

I was alone and afraid
Terrified with the walls closing in
And in my fear I called out to a God I didn't know
And still you came in power
In chaos you brought me peace

I was dejected and abandoned
Desperate and falling
In my deepest need, you sent the greatest gift
Your revelation was complete
Your Son redeemed my heart

So I fell in awe of you
I called you God Most High
I gave you all I had
Even though it seemed so small
And then you said "that's all I need" 

So now we walk together
Down roads I cannot see
I try to peer into the future
And sometimes lose my way
But no matter where I've ended up
You've always led me home

You'll always lead me home