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Praise Reports

  • Ministry: We've had a fantastic start into this year and our teams are both doing amazing! Even though it was a slow start for them in terms of getting into the schools - they've been able to connect with a lot of students and have even started prayer groups for their schools. God is opening doors and we have finally heard back from all the principals! :)
  • Joy: God is blessing me with an incredible amount of joy these days. I'm enjoying my job more than ever and surprisingly even get excited about the upcoming challenges. I'm confident that I am right where God wants me to be and it's exciting to see him work in and through me every day.
  • Youth Ministry: It has been a huge blessing serving in the Pre-Teen ministry of South Delta Baptist Church and two of the students (8 - 10 yrs old) have even asked me to study the bible and more specifically the story of David with them - so we're meeting on a bi-weekly basis and I've never in my life had that much fun studying the bible! God is at work in those precious lives and it's a privilege to journey with them.

Prayer Requests

  • Direction: Again, this is decision time. I've been asked to commit to stay on Pais Canada for 2 more years. I've also planned to go to University in Germany. I'm torn in between and really need God to show me where I can most effectively serve him and advance his Kingdom. I'm finding this rather stressful and pray for peace and a clear mind in this time.
  • Finances: Due to several circumstances, Pais is legally not allowed to pay me the salary that has been put aside for me. My visa status does not allow me to receive any money from an organization but to be able to change my visa status, Pais is required to apply for a couple of documents (none of us knew that those even existed...) which might be a lengthy process. Please pray, that this can be sorted out quickly and smoothly and that God will continue to provide in the mean-time.

Global Summit 2011

Pais Canada sent me down to Texas for the past 10 days to attend Pais' annual Global Summit. It's a conference for all the National Directors (Northern Ireland, GB, USA, Germany, Ghana, Canada, Global,..) to strategize and creatively move Pais forward.
For several reasons, I was very nervous before heading down to Arlington, but it turned out to be a very blessed time and I got back feeling very encouraged, inspired and excited to implement all the great ideas we had.
There's been so much I was able to learn from the different people there and I've enjoyed hanging out with them, but took the opportunity to learn from their experience and wisdom whenever I got a chance.
It might sound stupid, but I feel like I've just gained a completely new understanding of the vision and heart of Pais and am really excited to be part of it.
Basically, there are three things, that make Pais what it is and that make it different from anything else I know...
1. STUDY - The way we teach kids to study (Haverim Devotions) the bible is way deeper than any other devotional I've heard of. It's all about seeking and understanding the heart of God in his scripture - in community.
2. DISCIPLESHIP - Pais has developped a very unique and strong way of discipling its apprentices but also our students. We realize that in order to equip people to share their faith in their communities, we need to mentor and disciple them in an experiential way, providing them with opportunities to grow and challenging them to move forward.
3. MISSION - We believe in spreading the gospel of Jesus to everyone but putting our emphasis on investing into those who are hungry, leaning forward and wanting to make a difference. 

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Thank you so much for being part of my prayer team! I really appreciate all your prayers! 

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