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We would like to invite you to start using Church Center! This mobile app makes it easy to sign up for ministry groups and upcoming events right from your smartphone.  

We will also be launching the directory feature for our community this fall, giving you the opportunity to share your contact information with others in our congregation if you choose.      

How to Download the Church Center App and Register for Events:

1. Go to the App Store on your Smartphone and search for Church Center.
2. Download the “Church Center” App
3. Click Get Started.
4. Find North Shore Alliance Church either by:
    a. Use my Location will generate a list of churches in the area. Just scroll through until you  
        find North Shore Alliance Church.
    b. To Search Manually enter North Shore Alliance Church, enter the city, province, and
        Canada, and our church should be the only one that pops up.
5. Once you find North Shore Alliance Church, click This is My Church.
6. Follow the steps until the North Shore Alliance Church home page appears.
7. To register, click on Signups on the bottom right of your screen.
8. All of our current event and ministry registrations will appear
    OPTIONAL: To see ONLY one category (e.g. events for children), click All Categories and
    choose the appropriate category (e.g. Children).
9. Click on the event you want to attend, and press Register.
10. Check off the people you would like to register, select the appropriate participant type from the drop down list beneath each name, and press Next: Details.
11. Complete the contact information and any other questions, then press Complete Registration.