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The Elevation Project at its heart is a relationship and relationships work much better when people spend time together! So, every now and then we like to hang out with our Rwandan friends, to work, play, and dream together – bringing Canadians and Rwandans together with the aim of providing opportunities for transformational relationships. Sometimes our Rwandan friends come here to Canada and sometimes we go there!

Every couple of years, we take a larger group to Rwanda to work together as a team with our Rwandan colleagues. These teams are comprised of youth and young adults who not only want to be part of a life changing adventure, but who are committed to continuing to support each other in their respective countries. This includes raising awareness and child sponsorships, supporting the students at the school and the other youth and families that Rwanda YFC works with, as well as participating in special events, presentations and more.

December 2013 sees the deadline for applications to join the 2014 Trip to Rwanda.  Please click the link below if you are interested in applying.