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Hello, My name is Ashley I am taking the Alpha course for the first time this fall, and I wanted to share with you some of my experiences, and also, the story of two lovely ladies that I met in our first few weeks together.  God speaks to us in many different ways. For some, God is always found in the Word. for others, Music is the key to communicating with Him. Others still hear God's voice in the splendor of his Creation. God uses also uses people to speak to us, not only by words, but also by the way they live their lives. God spoke to me recently through the example of Delia and Arely. I met them on our first week together, and I was interested to learn that Arely brought Delia to Alpha and is acting as a translator for her friend. After spending some time with them, I could sense a deep passion for Christ in both ladies, and I wanted to know more. I asked if I could interview them, to share their stories with all of you. 
Delia and Arely are both from Mexico, but did not meet one another until they both moved to North Vancouver. Both ladies were attending a church in Lynn Valley, and then Arely began attending at NSA. She had taken Alpha beforehand, and invited Delia to take it with her this time around. I asked them both what it was they were 
hoping to get from Alpha, and their answers revealed humble hearts.. Arely is constantly searching for revival in her attitude, thoughts,and spirit. She is coming to Alpha with the expectation that Jesus will meet her, and that she will grow in Him. Delia wants a deeper understanding of how to live everyday for Christ, and she desires to take what she hears in Alpha, and apply it to her daily life. 
We have had a few sessions of Alpha already, and both Delia and Arely have been constants in their small group, So passionate and not afraid to speak out. They have even started bringing another friend with them. I asked them if there was some new information for them in these videos, or if it was all old news.. Delia, having gone to church both in Mexico and here, said that none of the things she is hearing are new to her, but that it is important to be continually reminded of how we need to live our lives. Arely also doesn't feel like the information is new, but definitely agrees on the importance of hearing it over again. She is really hoping to remain focused on God, and coming to Alpha is helping her to do that. 
I had only spoken to the ladies twice when I conducted this interview, but both times I really could sense the presence of Jesus around them - they radiate His love! Such passion is obvious to those around us, and I believe it is that passion that draws other people in. Arely and Delia both told me that their love for Jesus is only possible because He loved them first. Without Him, they feel they are lost, wandering in the desert. In the short time since I've met them, I am definitely able to say that I can see Christ in my new friends. He is there in the way they love Him, and he is there in the way they love others.
As Arely, Delia and I are not in the same small group, I wanted to know if they were having the same experience as I am in my discussion time. We have had four meetings together, and I feel very safe, in that I can ask any question, talk about any experience, and I know that I will be accepted and loved by those in the room. 
I know that my journey with Christ is made more wonderful by the people that I interact with. I know that in Him, we have the ability to love one another, and apart from Him, there is no life. 
One thing that I've learned so far in alpha, is that God will take people from all walks of life, and put them together for His good purpose. We are all loved by Him, and it doesn't matter where we come from. We are all working together towards a common goal, learning how to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. 
I asked Arely and Delia if they had anything to tell you all about Alpha.. Delia said that she would reccommend it to anyone and everyone! She wants to buy the DVD's so that she can share them with all her friends. Arely said: "If you are looking for answers to all your questions, such as who God is, who you are, your purpose, and God's plans for you, then come to Alpha. No matter how long you have been coming to Church, there will be something new for you there." 
Thank you