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Hi. My name is Donna. I have been a member of NSAC since the early 1980’s. I have been a believer and follower of Jesus since my first year of College when I attended a Crusade with Terry Winters in Duncan, B.C. It was at this time that it was revealed to me that Jesus wanted a personal love relationship with Him rather than the fear relationship heard in the “hell fire” sermons as a child.

Since that time I have found spending time with a daily reading plan and prayer  a must in my life. The hearing from Him was a different story. I would hear various people talk about how God told them this or that either in words or pictures. I never did and wondered why him/her and not me! I expect to hear answers but nothing. Why don’t I have the same experiences?

Since the Fall I have been on a journey to Cultivate my life with Jesus through Solitude. I am kind of at a road block on this journey. Solitude is difficult for me especially the “waiting” aspect of it. The Psalms tell me to “Be still before The Lord and wait patiently for Him.” Not easy for someone who has a tendency to evaluate the day on how productive I have been. I was one of the oldest in a large family so sitting quietly was interpreted as being idle and lazy. Hence my difficulty. While I am being `“still and waiting” various “tasks“ and “to do” lists pop in my head distracting me. I tried to dismiss them even to write them on a paper next to me but it didn`t work. Then I tried speaking out all the names and qualities for Jesus I could think of. After about 30 of them I would be so focused on thinking of adjectives and qualities that my mind was no longer still! A friend told me she lights a candle. I tried this but the more I looked at the candle the more  I saw shapes in the flame that I thought would make neat quilt patterns. This made me think of fabric and fabric made me think of the clothes that needed to be taken out of the dryer! Oi! Time to take my morning walk.

I often talk to God out loud as I walk. Since the advent of cellphones and ear pieces you can do this and no one thinks you need to be committed. This is my time to be alone with God.

One day I was walking and noticed ahead of me a “puddle” in the middle of the sidewalk. Strange. It hadn’t  rained in 15 days. A memory came to mind of a time when our son was 3 and we were visiting my Sister and family in Alberta. It had been raining and cold for 3 days. With 5 kids aged 9 and under we were experiencing a bit of “cabin fever”. The coats and boots came out. Of course there always has to be one or two rebel kids. My son and my niece were adamant they weren`t wearing coats or boots! My son comes out in his shorts and new Osh Kosh (very trendy at the time) shoes and my niece in her white lace socks and patent shoes. Well I am sure you can guess who was first to splash and play in the first mud puddle we came across!  

So back to my walk. Remember the puddle on the sidewalk in front of me. I had to make a quick decision. Be practical and walk around the puddle or save my steps and go through it. What did I do. Let`s just say it felt refreshing walking home with mud splattered jeans and soggy shoes! Strange a memory from 23 yrs ago would come to mind. Maybe not! God speaks in creative ways. Sometimes we need a “play date” with Jesus to hear His voice!

Donna has been a member of North Shore Alliance Church since the early 1980's.  She is passionate about Jesus and her two boys, Doug (her husband) and Michael (her son).