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Thank you to everyone who supported our trip this summer!
We spent July implementing a "learn to read" program for the project and trained the house moms and highschool students to be reading tutors. We also worked with two local village schools doing professional development for their teachers on literacy and teaching in some classrooms. A highlight for Hope was a community outreach day where we put on games and a movie for over 120 village kids as well as attending school and sports with the kids and helping with Alivia. A highlight for Debbie was teaching at the local church and continuing to do more leadership development for the older kids and project staff. We were able to leave the project and schools with learn to read resources and funds to hire a literacy tutor. 
We are continuing in our fundraising for the kids education needs- they have 4 kids graduating high school next year and we would love to send them to a local College! We are also coordinating the CHILD SPONSORSHIPS now in Canada. 
None of this would have been possible without your support! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 
Debbie and Hope  
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