Last Sunday Jacquie Granholm courageously shared part of her journey through grief and the place GriefShare has had in it.  Here's what she said:

Good Morning,

I would like to share with you a little of what Grief Share means to me.

In 2005 my husband Ron was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

In 2006, I moved my Mother from Comox to live with us.  My Mother died in 2008, she was 96 years old.  I don’t think I grieved at all when my Mother died.  I was so busy looking after her affairs, selling her condo and looking after Ron.

Except for two months, I cared for Ron until he died in June of last year.  When he died I was in shock.  I don’t remember telephoning my children, family and friends.  I discovered grieving is a process which can last a long time.  I had weeks when I felt good and then would be hit with feelings of anguish and despair.

When I was told of Grief Share I was nervous to participate, but I am happy I attended.  Attending Grief Share provided me with a place to discuss my grief and learn to deal with it through videos and discussion.  I felt the presence of God that he was walking by my side.  He was faithful to me and gave me strength. 

If you are grieving come and be with people who understand what you are feeling and learn how to recover from your grief and renew your hope for the future. Thank you.  Jacquie.

GreifShare meets Tuesday nights at 7pm in the Red Room.  They would like to walk the journey with you.