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In my committment to cultivate life with Jesus I've been reading through the Gospel according to Luke.  May my prayer from that day resonate with your heart and move us forward as we cultivate life together.  

Wednesday January 8th
Luke 9:28-36

I’ve always been puzzled by why the inner circle of disciples never said anything about what they saw that day.  I mean, really, it was spectacular--lightning, apparitions, clouds of smoke, a voice from heaven, all pointing to this man, Jesus!  So awesome that along the way people came to call it the “Transfiguration.”  Just saying that sounds grand!  Yet, despite the display, despite the fireworks, the disciples “kept this to themselves and didn’t tell anyone” (v. 36).  No, “you’ll never believe what we just saw!”  No, “The most amazing thing happened!”  Simply silence.  

Why?  Why didn’t the disciples say anything? 

Perhaps it was because there are no words for something like that--sometimes God’s glory is so profound we are left speechless.   Yet, when it comes to what the disciples experienced, no matter how insignificant the retelling, stories this big cannot be held in quiet places of obscurity.  Things this grand are spoken about, they become wispered rumors on dusty roads on long journeys and excited proclimations among the gathered faithful.  

No, it seems to me that something different was going on.  Their silence, might I suggest, was the offspring of that quiet and subtle faith-killer: Doubt.  “Did that really happen?  Was it a dream?  We were tired, after all.”

Or on a more subtle note, perhaps the disciples were reluctant to say anything because they had no way of wrapping their minds around what just happened.  They could recant what they saw, but how would they explain it?  What was it all about?  Simply reporting the eyewitness account without some kind of logical explanation would open these men to the charge of lunacy.  “You saw what?  That’s just crazy.  Things like that don’t happen.”  This would be enough to keep my mouth shut--and if you know me, that’s a big deal.  

We’re quick to dismiss God because we can’t quite explain some of the things he does or some of the experiences we’ve had.  So we’re silent; so I’m silent.

Prayer: Jesus, I pray that you would break the silence in me.  May I learn to fully engage your limitless power and imagination.  May I rest in my inability to understand, and glory in your ability to surprise.  

There is a world of your power that lies dormant to me.  Not because it’s not there, but because its so far from my ability to understand--or is it control?  Jesus, I want you to awaken me to this world.  To raise my senses, my expectations, to your ability.  And just as the disciples awaken to see amazing things, may you awaken me, our young adult community, our church, to the fullness of your glory.  Empower us by your very living presence.  Your Kingdom come on earth.  Amen.


Keith works as the Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Pastor of Young Adults at North Shore Alliance Church.  His wife Gina and their two kids, Sofia and Luca, call Lynn Valley home.  If he's not in a coffee shop he's probably on a soccer pitch somewhere.