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It's all Happening a Week Today!

Row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream…Oh if only that was the way it really was on our Medical Ship up in Papua New Guinea! While my stomach thinks that gentle rivers sound rather delightful, my heart can not wait to return to the wild rivers of the Western Province, where tens of thousands of the world’s most remote and isolated villagers are anxiously awaiting the medical care and supplies we are able to provide.

This year it feels not only like I’m returning to a nation that is in essence my third home (Canada and Australia have taken the first two spots) but also that I will very soon get to see my third family, spread across villages up and down the banks of these rivers.

With less than a week until the Ship sails our office is busy with last minute arrangements – packing, sorting, labeling and moving our medical supplies on board. Again, I’ll be heading up our optometry team. I’m more than ready to welcome our first group of volunteers onboard, teach them the ropes, and get back out into the villages!

Each year we continue to grow and develop our education services, which are a major key to long-term change. It doesn’t matter how many incredible services we can provide, if we aren’t able to help these communities to think differently, restore hope that has been lost, gain skills that will keep them healthy, and believe that change can come - then we’ve really missed the point. I love being part of an organization that has such a holistic view of health and development. God is a good God and my heart is that each village we visit would be reminded of that incredible truth. 

At the end of June – mid July I’ll be home in Canada and am looking forward to catching up with many of you, attending a great friend’s wedding, and spending time with my family and friends. It’ll be a quick trip this time, but in the midst of the season we are in here I’m excited to be able to sneak away and reconnect.

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated over the next few months! Outreach is a full-on season and my heart is to be able to serve at full capacity - heart and soul, the entire time I’m on board.

Prayer Points:

  • We still have a number of medical professional positions (doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc.) that would be great to see filled.
  • That as we reach out that many would receive hope and be strengthened in their walk with God.
  • Strength, health (especially while at sea), safety, and prayers against cabin-fever (10 weeks straight on a ship is just a scary thought)!
  • Divine appointments and opportunities along the way.

~ Kim