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Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful time of year- it’s always been my favourite! I do have to admit that it doesn’t feel a whole lot like Christmas here in Zambia though, but that’s not stopping us from celebrating at Project Samuel! While you guys are turning up your heaters and snuggling in tight, there in North America, here it’s sunny and warm and the rains have finally come! That means that after eight long months without a drop of rain, our barren, dry and dusty countryside has now disappeared and in its place a beautiful lush green blanket has covered everything! It’s wonderful. 

We’ve been busy preparing for Christmas around here and there is excitement in the air. The kids and I had been working on a nativity play that they performed today at a big Christmas celebration that we had here at the Project. Many of the children’s extended families came to join us for the celebration and we all had a lot of fun. There was dancing and singing and even some poem reciting. Tomorrow, on Christmas day we’ll have a smaller in-house celebration and exchange gifts together. 

This Christmas Brenden’s family has also come over to celebrate with us all. Alivia is being absolutely lavished upon with love from her Aunt and Grandparents and the kids are enjoying reconnecting as well. 

Around us there is so much need and there’s always lots to do as we forge forward. Yesterday I was reminded in my devotion time, that while the job is not yet done, God calls us to take time to stop and look at all that he has done already! Ecclesiastes 7:14 – When times are good, be happy!

I encourage you, as we celebrate Christmas these next few days, to do the same. Together let’s choose to dwell in a spirit of thankfulness this Christmas; recognizing and rejoicing in all the wonderful gifts that the Lord has given us! 

This Christmas and always Brenden and I are so very grateful for the people in our lives. We are grateful that while we live so far away we know we aren’t in this alone. We consider ourselves rich in friendship and love. Thank you for your love and friendship this Christmas and always. We love you. 

May your Christmas be richly blessed!

Sending lots of love,
Kim, Brenden and Alivia