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“On The Move”
NSAC Missions Month 2021

While the world seemed to stop in 2020 God didn’t.  God is always on the move.  When God’s people fell into captivity in Egypt (Exodus 1:11), when they were hauled off to exile in Babylon (Daniel 1:2) and even when the early Christians were flushed out of Jerusalem (Acts 8:1-4), God did not abandon them.  From global professionals to migrant workers to refugees and asylum seekers to the transient homeless searching for a place to lie their heads, God’s most profound work often takes place in the lives of people on the move.  

While the Christian call to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) is today increasingly called into question due to its dark connection to colonialism, how do the people of God sensitively and effectively carry out the mission of Jesus in our world?  Is it still God’s intent to send His followers to places where needy people are?  This Missions Month we will explore together how God speaks to, and through, people on the move.