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NSAC Missions Month - January 2019
Living the Jesus-Way in this Mosaic

The world is here in Vancouver.  Foreign languages and cultures and religious ideologies abound.  In this mosaic that celebrates diversity, how do we live as Christ-followers?  How does the Christian Story mesh with this time in this city?  Our scenario is not foreign to the people of God.  For NSAC Missions Month this January, we will look through the Book of Jonah.  From the conversion of Gentile sailors, to the surprising repentance of Israel’s archenemy, to care for His nonhuman creations (a large fish, a vine, a worm, and some cattle), through honest dialogue between the Lord and a reluctant missionary, the Book of Jonah spotlights the Christian God’s heart for and relationship with all.  This month, we trust God will further grow our mission hearts so we might continue to express the love and hope of Jesus to family, friends, & neighbours.  In this mosaic.  Together.