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Amy serves with P2C (Power to Change) at SFU primarily coaching student leaders as they lead a ministry of evangelism and discipleship on campus and beyond. She helps the student leaders think strategically how to empower, motivate and train other P2C members to both share their faith and help others to grow in their relationship with God. 

An update from Amy:

Andrea (our Key Student Leader) at SFU recently asked to be trained in spiritual conversations & how to disciple others! As I disciple Andrea in her walk with Jesus & in her ministry skills, & coach her as she leads the ministry, I pray that she will be equipped for a lifetime of ministry. She will be discipling a new student leader (Lucy) & leading two small groups for the first time: a discipleship group for Christians and a discussion group on life’s big questions for non-Christians.

Prayer Requests

1. For Andrea as she manages 4 classes this semester while leading the P2C ministry. Pray that she will depend upon the Holy Spirit and his power to lead.

2. For God to give Amy wisdom to coach Andrea well in her leadership, and for the rest of the leaders to grow in their ability to journey with non-Christians.


To learn more about the ministry of Power to Change, click here.