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We are looking for a Pastor of Worship Ministries to join our pastoral team. The Pastor of Worship Ministries will focus on leading and developing our church worship culture, identifying, discipling, and equipping worship leaders and teams, and providing administration and oversight to our technical teams (video, audio, livestream).

For more information, please see the attached Job Description.

As part of the application for the Pastor of Worship Ministries role at North Shore Alliance Church, we are asking for two video submissions:

  • The first video should feature you leading in the context of a church service. Please provide a link with timestamps to the service. If the services are unavailable online, you can also send an mp4 video file via google or mail drop.
  • For the second video, we are asking for a recording of you playing and singing the hymn “Come Thou Fount” on your preferred instrument. Please send us this video as an mp4 via google or mail drop.

If you wish to apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and videos to Brenda Martin, Executive Assistant at