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Board of Elders Update September 23, 2021

Thank you all for making Jeremy and Liesel feel so welcome during the Candidating weekend on September 12th. We all felt it was a wonderful weekend and really appreciated the openness and candidness of both Jeremy and Liesel throughout their visit.

We also appreciate all of the feedback that everyone has shared. The Board has read through all of your comments, and it has been very helpful in helping us move forward in our discernment process.

The Board met on Wednesday, September 22nd to pray and continue our discussions around Jeremy. There are a lot of things to consider and we continue to ask you to pray for the Board as we work through the final stages of the decision making. We believe God has an exciting future for our church, and we need wisdom and knowledge beyond our own understanding as we work through this process. We also acknowledge it requires a lot of patience on everyone’s behalf. We will provide more updates as, and when, we are able.

Thank you so much for praying with us in this significant phase in the life of our church.