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To all of my faithful supporters,

It is August 14th and our dance outreach to London with the Mirror Dancers has finally ended. I can't believe a month went by so fast! It seems like a blur of dancing at parks, cathedrals, town halls, community centres, parking lots, you name it. I have been tested emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and come out on top! God has totally blessed this trip and used it for his glory. And I want to thank you for making it possible! 

I also want to thank you so much for all your prayers. Overall our trip was fantastic. It feels a bit like we ran a marathon, but so many areas where the team could've fallen apart, God kept us together. It was hard dancing every day and all of our bodies got pretty sore from sleeping on the church floor, but no major injuries happened. The team only suffered minor injuries (one slightly sprained ankle and a lot of sore calves from dancing on concrete), and I have a pretty sore wrist from landing on it one day, but other than that I've been fit as a fiddle! The most important part is that our team got along AMAZINGLY well. It's like we were a family, knit together. It's so funny that we got so close over a period of a few months but we didn't seem to get sick of each other. Even after a long day of dancing and taking public transportation together we would come "home" to the church we were staying at and just all hang out and lie in a heap and laugh and joke around. 

It really got me through this trip to have such support around me because it was spiritually exhausting sometimes. Some of the places we went, it felt like there was a heaviness in the air, and it was really hard to push through and do all our dances and bring light into the area. Especially at Westminster abbey the first time, and at Burgess Park. But I always felt like even thought there was opposition (sometimes we got lost on the way there and ended up exhausted before we even danced) God pulled through for us, and the constant factor was that after we danced, it felt like the air changed wherever we were. Especially at Burgess Park; to me it literally felt like the clouds
moved away and the sun came out. We got to talk to tons of people in the area that day and even dance with their kids and sing with them, it was so cool. I learned a lot about how to use art as a medium of communicating God's love and to connect with people.

A sweet memory: On Sunday it was our last performance, at Westminster Abbey, but it was also the men's marathon event in the Olympics. They ran right past Big Ben so we were able to see them which was exciting! But it also felt fitting that that event would correspond to our last day dancing, because it feels a bit like we ran a marathon ourselves. And during our second set the bells at the cathedral started chiming so loudly that no one could hear the music, so we just danced to the sound of bells. The marathon and the people cheering and the sound of the bells made it feel triumphant,
like God was saying GOOD JOB! to the team and it was a cool way to end the trip.

Thanks again for supporting me on this trip. I learned so much. 
Lots of love, Rachel Silver