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Dear Prayer Partners

You might be wondering what we are up to here in Heidelberg, since we haven’t written for a while. We will try to catch you up a bit, but the better question would be “What has God been up to?” Many of you joined with us in prayer before we left, asking God to prepare the way for us, open doors, show us what our role and place is here in this city, and not surprisingly, He has been doing just that. We have sometimes talked together at the end of a week and marveled at the contacts and conversations that have taken place.

There was the Lutheran Pastor we met with who encouraged us to start an “evangelistic English worship service” (his words!) in the city. We have been able to connect with some students from various Christian student groups who are very excited about the discipleship and leadership training we are offering and 2 have already started with us. This afternoon we are meeting with another girl who wants to be a part of the Equipping Community.

Then we have connected really well with Johannes and Renate, who founded and lead the House of Prayer in Heidelberg. We share so much of the same heart and they have used their considerable influence in the city, particularly among other pastors, to create opportunities for us. At the end of this month (July 27-31) Ralph and I will be joining them in leading and teaching a short (4 day) Summer Bible School associated with the prayer house and teaching on themes related to prayer and spiritual growth. We are really excited about that opportunity in particular.

We had coffee yesterday with another pastor who warmly welcomed us to the city and expressed his desire to work together with us for the benefit of the Body of Christ in Heidelberg. We continue to visit different churches on Sundays and meet with pastors. There are a lot of good things already happening here but we sense there are still some “holes” that we could fill.

Jonathan, who is apprenticing with us for two years, arrived in April and has been an easy-to-live-with housemate and an encouragement to us. In a couple of days he will have finished his first language course and be entering a new phase where he will get more involved in ministry particularly with university students. We also hope to start ministering in a home for people from many other countries who are seeking asylum in Germany.

It was a great joy to have our whole family with us for a few weeks, we enjoyed every minute!

We appreciate your prayers for:

  • Wisdom in taking advantage of the opportunities that are here, using our time well and not losing our prayer focus.
  • Jonathan as he moves into a new phase of his life here, especially for courage to use the German he has acquired and people who will help him continue to learn more, as well as people who will respond to his ministry.
  • The preparations for the Summer Bible School, registrations, and the presence of God during that time ( July 27 – 31)
  • Continuing favour with other pastors and especially with the Evangelical Alliance in Heidelberg. Open doors for ministry.
  • Continued improving health for Ralph, especially strength in bones and muscles. He is working with a physiotherapist and that is helping a lot.
  • Trusting God to lay a good foundation for the start in the fall of an English worship service

Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer. Your giving is also much appreciated. We are supported through gifts to the Global Advance Fund ("Shareski Support") through local C&MA churches in Canada as well as through our Work funds (Shareski Work). This can also be done online at