I was visiting some friends recently and out of the blue they said, “this is normal right?” Their boys had been wrestling on the floor. I laughed and thought yes - boys will be boys. As parents and caregivers we need to hear “this is normal” we want to be affirmed that we are doing something right.

Which is why I picked up the book called Wild Things: the art of nurturing boys by Stephen James and David Thomas. As I read I was so encouraged to see these authors embrace and affirm boys’ endless imagination, hunger for adventure and passionate spirit while encouraging parents, caregivers and mentors to affirm, esteem and love their boys just the way they are. To often we try to control or tame boys when it seems they really need to be challenged, encouraged and loved.

If you have boys – I would really recommend this book. It changed the way I think about the boys in my ministry and gave me the tools to grow and disciple our boys. Feel free to drop by my office I’d be more then happy to lend it to you.