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This fall our church walked through a series of sermons on our identity in Christ. I kept thinking about this series as I read this blog I found this evening. What a fun way remind our kids about their identity IN CHRIST too! Take some time this week to try this as a family.           ~ Pastor Linda 

Sticking to God’s Identity 


Identity in Christ is essential in helping our children grow into relationship with God.  Discovering who they are in Christ and the gifts He has given them will enable them to move beyond a “Christianish” faith to a vibrant relationship with God.  In order to help our families and children understand this sticking point of identity we were going to need hundreds of colorful post-it notes.

The goal for our families was to discover their true identity in Christ.   It started with a pile of post-it notes and a pen for each family member.  One person was selected from each family to receive their words of identity.   The remainder of the family would have one minute to write as many identifying words as they could for the chosen family member and stick the notes on him.  The only rule, one word per post-it note. At the end of a minute the family moved on to another member until each person was covered in post-it notes.

Covered in post-it note words it was time for each person to remove the post-it notes from their body and place them on a piece of paper.  Reading through the words as they took them off, each person was encouraged to separate them into two groups God’s words of identity (loving, kind, generous, compassionate) and the world’s words (crazy, scruffy, weird).   While each person separated the notes he/she was encouraged to pray over the list asking God to reveal more of who they are, even the parts of him/her they don’t readily identify.

The powerful words of Ephesians 1 enabled our families to understand the wonderful way in which God has sculpted our identities.  The richness of the words reminded each person that before the foundations of the world were laid, they had been thought of, loved, adopted, and set free in their Christ identity.  The words spoken in Ephesians mingled with the words from their families created beautiful personal blessings of identity.  We pray these identities will stick with our families as they continue to grow in their relationship with God and his world.

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