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Calling all NSA teen artists! Do you want to showcase your art skills and do something to help the church?

We're making banners for Easter, and we need your designs!! 

WHO: Teens of NSA! We can have up to 10 participants.

WHAT: create a drawing or design of WHITE LILIES. Traditonally in art, lilies represent the Holy Spirit. Each design will be printed in white onto a coloured background. 

HOW: mark off (vertically) a regular size piece of paper so that the design only takes up 5.5in x 11in on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Draw in one colour only- we will be printing your artwork in WHITE on a light purple background. 

Designs could be abstract, realistic, repeated like fabric- it's up to the artist! Please keep in mind that it is for a church sanctuary and must be appropriate (e.g. no manga, sorry guys!)

Also, remember that the design will be enlarged so will get a bit fuzzy. Fine details may be lost

WHEN: Deadline APRIL 5TH


Each selected design will be made into a banner - and the artists can have their banner after Easter! 

To submit your design, please email a PDF copy to Kirsti Satake: 

If you don't have PDF capabilities, you can drop your design at the church office to be scanned.