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October 2018

Hello Friends and Family,

I have been working here at YWAM for 5 months now, and we are one month into our fall Discipleship Training School. This first month has been wild and wonderful in so many ways. The first few weeks of school have been full of prayer and intercession, worship, and lectures that have focused on discipleship, prayer, the Holy Spirit and a heart for missions. We are continually learning how to live more like Jesus. With our 300 students and 70 staff we definitely hit the ground running...

Within the first couple days we released outreach locations!! Outreach is our three month missions trip, where we fly to another location and live out what we learned in our 3 month lecture phase. We, as a school, are going to every continent with the heart of spreading the gospel to the lost and going to the ends of the earth for love!

I am excited to announce that I am leading an outreach team to AMERICA! We will be joining a group of youth in Florida, the circuit riders, and we are doing the "Carry The Love" tour across the States. We will be doing campus ministry at all the major universities! I am so excited to see the way God is going to work in these University students. This is a photo of my outreach team!

Our Speaker last week spoke on missions and tenderizing our heart. It was an incredible week for both the staff and the students. He spent a bit of time talking to us about our evangelism approaches and sharing God's love. I loved when he said "Jesus didn't ask to pray for people, He provided them with food". For me, this was an amazing reminder of the Heart of God. He shows his true nature and character from his actions, and asks us to do the same. The boys in our school took on this challenge and put on a fancy dessert night for all the girls!! It was very precious. So I will leave you with a question, How are you showing God's love through your actions?

Thank you so so much for your continual prayers. I have been blown away by my supportive community from all over the world. I love you guys and appreciate you a lot.

Cassie Heavenor