1. When and how often does a Small Group meet?

Groups meet weekly, or bi-weekly, through the week in the evening for about 2 hours. Every group is different.


2. What happens at a Small Group?  

Even though every group is a little bit different, every home group meeting makes time for friendship, studying the Bible, and praying together - not to mention food!


3. What do Small Groups study?  

Groups study the Bible, chapter by chapter or with the help of a topical DVD series.


4. How can I be invited to a Some Group?

Indicate your interest to join by handing in the registration form to the church office or by sending Anne Thicke an email at annet@nsac.bc.ca. From there, a Small Group leader will call with an invitation!


5. Do I have to consider myself a Christian to attend?

No!  Everyone is welcome who wants to commit to the Small Group's goals.