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This year, Journey turns 30! That's Journey Canada, of course, not the iconic rock band that formed in 1973 and sang "Don't Stop Believing" in 1981. There it is, my childhood, flooding fact: sometimes Google sends people to the band's webpage when they search for us. That, and it sends irate customers to us from the "Journeys" shoe store. All of our staff, at one point or another, have received phone calls from angry shoppers, looking for their undelivered shoes and demanding their money back.

It keeps us on our toes (pun intended). 

But that's okay, because Journey Canada is alive and well after 30 years! This year, we are continuing to offer virtual programs and events while social distancing restrictions remain in effect. And we're continuing to find creative ways to train and support teams of volunteer leaders; a colleague and I just released a new six-part video training series, which was very encouraging to complete.    

So thank you for continuing to join me in prayer, friendship, and financial partnership as we carry on and celebrate three decades of ministering in Canada and around the world. I appreciate you!

To close, see Nellie's story below. Nellie was part of my small group in a Journey Discipleship Program that just finished in the Lower Mainland, and at the end she shared what she felt she had received during that time. I pray you are blessed to hear it!  





"When my friend first suggested I take the Journey Discipleship Course with her, my initial answer was “no” and I made many excuses why I shouldn’t do it. I was later moved by the Spirit to sign up and take that leap of faith. I didn’t know what to expect and what I would gain from the experience, especially not knowing anyone who had taken the course before. At the time, I was also going through a series of family crises so I was hoping to find help to deal with those pressing issues. 

Participating in the program did not fix or alleviate those problems for me. Instead, through Journey, God gently revealed to me other areas in my life that needed His touch and forgiveness. I learned how to pray to Him in different ways than before, and how to listen and wait patiently for His response. This has deepened my relationship with the Lord as I feel His presence more and His unconditional love for me. Journey also provided me greater insight to better understand not just my own struggles, but others as well. The program has taught me how to pray and support others with more empathy and understanding."