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Ahmad is the Executvie Director of the House of Omeed.

"Omeed" is Persian for "Hope." The House of Omeed exists to inspire hope in the hearts of refugees and newcomers to Canada as they make this huge adjustment to their lives. Now transplanted in a new, unfamiliar, and often incomprehensible society, many challenges await newcomers. Language barriers, among other cultural barriers, can cause newcomers to lose hope of ever settling - and feeling comfortable - in their beautiful and relatively safe new home

The House Of Omeed assists newcomers and refugees through it’s settlement services such as; ESL classes, food safe courses, translation services, income tax clinics, employment searches, food distribution and more. Additionally, they assist with finding housing, furniture and basic necessities.

Thank you for praying for a new home for the House of Omeed! They have taken possession of a building and plan to move in at the end of 2022. Praise God for the provision of a ministry centre which will be used to reach Muslims for Christ for generations to come!

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would provide the necessary volunteers, materials, and funds to renovate the new HOO location.
  • Continue to pray for the underground church in the Middle East.


To learn more about Ahmad Zeividavi, click here!

To learn more about the House of Omeed, click here!

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If you are able to help with the HOO renovation, please contact Ahmad: 604-565-4464.