Our Guiding Values

1. We are a church that is for the Gospel and the Word of God. 

We want our reputation to be that we are a church where the Good News of God in Christ is presented, anchored on the regular preaching and teaching of God’s Word. 

2. We are a church that is for the poor and needy. 

We want people to know that we actively seek to support the struggling, the downtrodden, those without housing security, those in economic distress, and those in moral, emotional, or physical distress. 

3. We are a church that is for the North Shore.

Our location is hugely important—our ministries and efforts are focused chiefly on the people in our immediate region, and we want to make a difference in our city. 

4. We are a church that is for the redemption of the whole human person. 

The gospel is not merely words we believe, but a lived transformation. That transformation involves welcoming confused and world-formed sinners into the family of God and seeking His power and guidance in a journey towards Christlikeness and holiness. This journey covers the whole of life—vocation, finances, family relationships, sexual relationships, our thought lives, devotional lives, etc. 

5. We are a church that is for the global mission of God. 

God is on the move—the Kingdom of God is advancing, both on our doorstep, throughout our City, and throughout God’s world. Partnering with God in His global mission is one of the main things the church is about. We want to see and support that Kingdom work in every way possible.