Our Guiding Values

1. Reliance Upon God: We affirm the authority of God’s Word in our lives and we seek to keep in step with the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Church is at its best when it’s rooted in the Scriptures and reliant upon the Holy Spirit. We affirm the authority of God’s Word in our lives in terms of faith and practice. We also seek to keep in step with the Holy Spirit, embracing a “pray-first” mentality when it comes to our ministries. In our decision-making we look to the Scriptures and to the Spirit for wisdom and direction.1 

2. Relational Ministry: We seek to nurture environments where relationships flourish, modelling the love for God and our neighbours that is at the heart of Jesus’ kingdom.2

3.  Participation: We seek to encourage and equip each member of our community to use their God-given gifts to serve God’s purposes in our church, city, and world. The church is like a human body; there are many parts and each part is vital to the body’s health and function, everyone has something to offer.3

4. Mosaic Mentality: We value and celebrate an expression of the Church that is multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and economically diverse—just as a mosaic is produced by integrating individual pieces to create a single image of great beauty. We recognize that our commonality and unity does not come from within ourselves, but from Christ alone.4

5. Kingdom Focus: We care about God’s plan for, and the eternal needs of our church family, neighbours, city, and world. We strive to focus on other-centeredness and generosity and will regularly ask the questions: Where is God working and how can we be involved? Where can we partner with others? How can we bless and provide for others?


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2 Matthew 22:37-39; John 15:12-13.

3 Romans 12:4-8.

4 Galatians 3:26-28.